The core of Kusinkapital’s investment strategy is to be invested in publicly traded shares and debt. Generally, we do not invest in mutual funds, as we do our own stock picking based on our internal quantitative and qualitative analysis.


We focus on high quality growth companies in the Nordics, Europe and the US. We believe we get a sufficient global asset allocation investing through Western companies that are globally operational and we make direct investments outside the Western world only on rare occasions.  We have a long-term investment horizon and we focus on companies that are likely to grow faster than the market, based on e.g. their market position, capital structure or the competitive environment.

In our debt investments, we focus on a good risk reward ratio. One can usually find good opportunities in the small Nordic markets, where low liquidity offers temporary discounts for a long-term investor. Our portfolio investment strategy has an absolute return target, which implies that the return requirement for our debt investment is also usually somewhat higher than the market average.